Working third shift

Hello little devils, welcome back. This time I’m going in for the “write what you know” school, and right now I know working third shift is one of the strangest things I’m doing. First shift is always a somewhat strange affair, as I always feel I have to get up and get a move on immediately with barely time enough for breakfast, and indeed spend break time snoozing in my car. It also brings an inexplicable feeling of accomplishing something- “I can do it,” because it starts so early. Second shift, on the other hand, is a perfectly comfortable place for me- anything I need done I can usually handle prior to work, and I have time to stay up and enjoy any leisure activities I might desire. But third shift? I don’t understand this animal. There’s still time for necessities and messing around, but it doesn’t seem conducive to my mindset that I can do anything I want all day, then when the evening strikes it’s time to earn a living.
I worked a 12-hour job for Ocean Spray before starting in my new 8-hour position, which was a great deal of time at work, but starting in the afternoon still seemed like it made perfect sense to me. Now, starting work after the sun has gone down, something seems eerily unnatural. Going to bed just when the rest of the world is waking up? In what way does that make sense? And a drive home just to go to bed? Is this the way it’s supposed to be?
However, it does have the highest shift differential pay at my current workplace, and with the Summer movie season being so big it had to start in February, I can’t find a problem with having more money on hand. Maybe this will start to make sense to my poor brain soon. I hope so. We’ll see.


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