July 8, 2018

It’s been a very interesting week. Wednesday, of course, was July 4th, and it provided a day off likely exactly when I needed one. Rather than doing anything celebratory, I elected to simply stay at home, enjoying a very meditative 36 hours of not getting behind the wheel. When I do take a day off, I’m either headed to a concert, a movie, or some other affair, so it was very nice to have a complete day without touching the gas pedal.

I’ve been following the reading plan for the Bible “Exploring Jesus in 21 days,” and look forward to catching up on some of it tonight. Currently I’m due to read up to the 12th chapter of Luke. I believe I stopped to sleep Friday night in the middle of Chapter 9. I’ve been taking notes on my thoughts upon completion of each two chapters. The first two Chapters, once I finished reading them, I was at great peace. The second day, I was fascinated that Chapter 3 ends tracing the lineage of Jesus back to Adam. On day three, the principle of loving our enemies really stood out. I thought about how I more readily forgive now, and feel less like a child for holding onto anger. Day 4 I read the parable of the Sower, and I feel that my journey resembles each seed cast, but I have become the last seed mentioned- the most fruitful.

I chose this reading plan because I can complete it prior to the 31st of July, which is when our Starting Point group meets again. After discussing what I’ve emailed Kristen about, I want to prepare a testimony to share with the congregation about this class. Watt kept mentioning he hoped he had a larger group to speak with, and I would love to share my answers with a new class in the fall.

Today, I did not attend the major worship service, because I was with Nicholas, the other young man who was in Starting Point with me, volunteering at Special Needs worship. If I can say anything about sharing that experience with these people, it’s what I told Rick, the Chairman of Spiritual Education, what I said when their worship concluded: I thought my heart was overflowing before today. Regarding Nicholas, it was in Starting Point, and after he shared his story, I truly came to know him as my brother in Christ, and to carry that into the study of Joseph with these joyous people made it more fulfilling than I could’ve imagined. Cy, one of our Elders, was leading their bible study today, and right at the end of their study of Joseph he mentioned the Canaanites, and I immediately recognized the name, and now I’d like to study about the people of Canaan.

I missed Sarah’s story today, and I’m a little sad, but Dan said we could always tell it again sometime. I feel a little silly, because after he mentioned that, I spaced out. I feel like I should’ve said, “Yeah, we’ll have to catch up sometime,” but I suppose being up since yesterday afternoon interfered.

In closing, there was a quote from a video game, of all places, that truly stood out to me yesterday: We cannot guarantee they’ll find what they’re looking for, but we can facilitate the search. I don’t think I’ve heard anything that more directly describes the church.


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