July 15, 2018

This week has not been as good as the last two. I didn’t read my “Exploring Jesus in 21 days plan,” I can’t recall praying for anything this week after Sunday, and generally didn’t feel as connected in my identity as I have lately.

Also, one of my co-workers tried to start a fight with me this week. He had his back turned to the conveyor with three trays ready to be finished behind him, so I told him “Let’s go!” and he came around to get in my face and put his fists up. I couldn’t understand a word he was saying, as English is already his second language and he was wearing a dust mask at the time. I didn’t engage with him, because I knew he was not worth losing the insurance at my job. The only thing I wish I had done differently is that I completely ignored him and kept working. Also, I should have gone to prayer with the problem, but I neglected to.

On the positive side, I’ve locked in a moving plan that’s almost half the ridiculous $3500 I was quoted initially. It’s still more than I expected to pay, but it includes 30 days of storage, and it’s almost worth it just to sleep in my own bed again. I’ve been on a single mattress originally purchased in 2004, so I’ve definitely gotten my use out of it.

Today, we heard stories from Mack, Christopher, and Mekenzie. Mack was very funny in his storytelling, and his wife mentioned how he stepped up to the plate when it was needed most. Mekenzie told us an incredible story about how she survived an attack and was eventually told “You have to forgive that person.” She said the non-Christian part of her brain kept rebelling against that kind of thought, but eventually she found enough peace to be able to do so. It reminded me of my own troubles with people who I eventually forgave. And Chris said something that particularly related to me this week; when he mentioned that sometimes he just feels like he “mails it in” regarding his duties in the church. This week has definitely been a “mail it in” kind of feeling. But after today’s service focused on renewal, I feel like I can understand how to return from where I strayed.


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