Midweek madness

Because what else do you call the thoughts that won’t wait until Sunday?

Things in my life seem to be moving very fast. It’s very exciting. And very frightening.

My secondary job is moving me to a different hotel, which is in and of itself not a promotion, but it feels pretty exciting because I know I have my boss’s trust. When I’ve only been part of the company for about four, maybe five months, to be selected as a representative to a new client… I’m very excited, and willing to rise to the pressure to be a good employee.

On the other hand, in my personal life, my Mother is looking to buy a new property, and the prospect of being put on the mortgage has come up. In part, I’m adverse to the idea, mainly because I’m worried what I might do if something happens to her. It would seem the mortgage and association fees would default to me, which reminds me of my beginning in Bible Study. That particular week, we learned about Elijah and his protege, Elisha. Elijah kept trying to tell Elisha that he should go start his own ministry, but Elisha continued not to leave Elijah’s side. The reason was, he did not doubt his Faith, he doubted his readiness. At the time, this immediately reminded me of the idea of driving back from Wisconsin: I didn’t doubt that I “could” make a 16-hour drive, but the very idea was just so abstract, it was intimidating. I feel that same intimidation regarding partial home ownership, for though I am strong in the Force, this one is weak in financial literacy.

After giving it some thought tonight at work, I really like the idea of my Brother becoming the owner of Property X, and I just pay him the rent, but that naturally remains as abstract as the idea of signing on the dotted line itself.

Regardless, at my primary job, we have a nearly full crew. I think we only need one more temp to flesh out the entire team, and one of the guys from first shift has apparently switched. We’re hitting numbers at this point I don’t recall seeing since I started paying attention, and I hope that my (partial?) absence tomorrow will have little impact on reaching the weekly goal. If this continues as an upward trend, it’ll be time to start asking about incentive bonuses for how much our crew goes over the goal. But I need to stay humble and not get ahead of myself.

Before I forget, I mentioned my Exploring Jesus in 21 days reading plan, which I didn’t follow last week. I have returned to it with a new resolve, and I’m determined to finish the next 14 days of reading in 7 days time. That way it’ll be done before the Starting Point follow-up, and I’ve continued taking notes on the impact the passages have on me.

I suppose I should talk to my Mother about setting up a living will, letting her negotiate the particulars with my Brother, and talk to my friends about home ownership. I was planning to leave her place within five years, but now an entirely new dynamic has entered the big picture. It has the potential to change everything. At the end of the day, I just need to have the patience to make the right decision.


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