July 29, 2018

This week, in worship, we closed the month focused on renewal. I think I’ve collected all those lessons and been able to recognize some recent missteps, and take opportunities to correct course. I noticed I was starting to lean more toward instant gratification, which was a startling self-revelation. That idea is far removed from the self-discipline I had acquired after beginning to attend church. I’ll have to make a renewed commitment to patience..

Starting Point will reconvene on Tuesday, and I look forward to the conversation with or without my book. It’s difficult to understand why it would be whisked away for the time being, but if it serves God’s will, so be it. Or, simply, Deus Vult!

This is the last week working at the hotel I’m currently stationed, and I’m both excited to move on and a touch saddened as I won’t likely see Richard again. He has become a role model, both in his professionalism and his clarity about Faith. I’ll have to keep up with him over email.

In Kristen’s class, we heard the last stories to be told, which is another bittersweet blessing. This week I began to feel eager to return to Bible Study, but of course recognized everyone else needed the opportunity to tell about their journey as I did. We heard from Donny and his difficulties in the professional world, reaffirming that if a door continues not to open, we should seek a different path. Then two other members gave a wonderful story about their marriage.

In closing, I feel like I can now renew my pursuit of self-improvement. All my things have been collected up North and are on the way back to me, so it’ll be a good start to sort through that which has value and that which can be let go of. I’ve also began to cut things that would be less positively influential and would lead to stagnation. Finally, I think I’ve found a great new positive influence to cultivate in Richard Cooper, and his YouTube channel Entrepreneurs in Cars, focused on becoming a better version of yourself. It’s advice I plan to follow closely.


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