August 5, 2018

This week started fantastically, then a few things tried to knock me off my cloud. Once I finished at the hotel I was working, the Manager I had been working with told me he said to my boss “Get me someone just like him.” I was absolutely on top of the world.

After that, I unfortunately broke an expensive pair of wireless headphones, but I’ve ordered a replacement pair on sale and once I get the original pair repaired I’ll have a backup for the occasion I forget the new ones at home. A friend posted something about how in China, when something gets broken, they repair it with gold, showing the flaw while enhancing the original item’s beauty. I think I would rather like to have a golden streak at the breaking point, but for now I’ll settle for superglue.

I started at my new hotel during the weekend, and it provided me the opportunity to slow down and take a look at the general upward trend my life has taken over the last eight months. First, I land a job in nine days of moving back. Then I get my second job about two months later. I joined my church and became Baptized, committing my life to Christ. My temp job goes permanent, the first time I’ve ever reached that professional milestone. Later, I get employer-provided insurance. Just this week I got my health insurance card, so now I can set up a diet and exercise plan. Everything has been coming together so well, I can see how God’s perfect timing is behind it.

That’s not to say life is without its challenges. The rest of my things got delivered this week, and all I can say of the experience is I would not recommend Midwestern Van Lines to anyone who has earned my respect. I was misled to believe they would pay for 30 days of storage, then deliver it to the home address, but apparently that was only that they would store things for 30 days if we weren’t ready for delivery. That wasn’t made clear until the dispatch agent, who was a nightmare to work with, explained it on the day of delivery. After that, we were standing there with money orders in hand, but because they weren’t from the post office, they were refused. Also, the dispatch agent didn’t even want to remove the fee for upstairs delivery, even though it was no longer being delivered to the home address. Once we got everything straightened out, I still had to pay a redelivery fee just to get it over with. It has been the worst experience I’ve ever had with the entire service industry. But at least it’s finished.

What upset me most is we had to leave before church service was over. I’ll have to watch the recorded broadcast, but I can say that the prayer Kristen led us in today was so powerful I was moved to tears. I’m very glad that, since this large expense is now behind me, I can start giving to my church again.

I suppose I should be ready to step down from the high I’m riding, difficult as that may be. I am ready to continue recognizing positives that may have fallen out of my perception before. I’m stronger than life now. And I can dutifully reach out to others to help guide their path as well.


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