September 2, 2018

It’s been another week of steady sailing. I added another bill to automatic draft, unpacked more things, and best of all got my collectibles shelf set up. My room is gradually taking shape, and I’m remembering not to stress over how long it takes to get done.

We started a new course in my bible study, Circle Up. It was organized by Andy Stanley and his team, and I couldn’t be more excited. Starting point, the class I first took designed by him, was nothing less than transformative. I had initially hoped my group would be with Dan and Sarah, but I understand after Kevin and Missy shared what’s going on in their lives that I need to be with them to apply the power of prayer. They seem blessed to have each other, and I hope to provide strength and insight.

Kristen led our worship today, and again we focused on the Sermon on the Mount. I thought it was spectacular that she told two stories that I initially heard at Starting Point. One of the young boy in the book “Heaven is for Real” and the other was a personal story of how even though our Sin has been forgiven, that does not mean we will be free of consequences. It definitely served to reconnect me with the moments in that classroom.

Kevin and Missy’s story cemented in my mind the need to be the presence of Christ to strangers, difficult as that may be. But I love to aspire to a challenge, and look forward to pressing myself into this one throughout my life.


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