September 8, 2018

This week started off about as bad as it could. I got into a fight with my Mother on Monday, which I initially dealt with by spending as much time as I could out of the house. Tuesday I woke up from a dream about a potential romantic interest, and that evening took it to prayer. Wednesday, I realized I took the easy problem to God but was being selfish about the other one, so I knew I had to pray about it, too. We resolved things and set some new ground rules Wednesday night.

In Bible Study, we continued our Circle Up group, and were joined by two members who didn’t make it last week. We analyzed our overall engagement with the Christian mission through lenses like Personal Ministry, and each of us found something we were lacking in. It also appears where one was lacking, the other was strong. It’s a very natural fit to come together that way.

Our worship was focused on the values of Mercy and Forgiveness, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. As I’ve been unpacking my things, it’s hard not to think about Brian and how he threw me out. I believe I’ve learned that in some cases, forgiveness must be maintained, and that it isn’t as simple as saying the words and putting the wrongdoing out of my mind.

I noticed last week I didn’t have anything to say about my occupation, and it felt kind of short. In consideration of that, I can definitely say I’m grateful not only to have two great jobs, but to work where I’m granted time off when I need it.I’m very much looking forward to the next three weeks, as Starting point will have another follow-up, this time recruiting new students. I’ll be there with Nicholas to tell about how things changed for me over the course of the class. The following week, I’ll be seeing Kaleo, an Icelandic Blues band, in concert. And the last week of September, I’ll be on vacation for my birthday.

In closing, I’m gradually recognizing the attitude I should take towards how I spend my time. I need to involve myself more in enrichment activities, hopefully with the church. I’ll also be looking into a gym membership this week. I’m well aware of the knock-on effect it could have for my spiritual growth. I also think I”ve gotten better about daily prayer. After all, mastery has no end point.


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