September 23, 2018

I suppose I have two weeks to catch up on. Thankfully, two weeks ago was mostly unremarkable. There was a lot of conflict at home, and I was beginning to wonder how sustainable it would be to stay here long term. However, due to the hurricane, the hotel allowed me to stay free of charge for a few nights. It helped to melt away all the tension and pressure I had been surrounded by. Now I’ve come to understand that I need to maintain my frame, be my own mental point of origin, and I’ll be better off.

This week, I started with a personal trainer, and it’s really helped me to hone both my physical approach as well as the mental. I did have a guy at work upset with me that I changed tasks, for whatever reason, to the point that he was using inappropriate workplace language. Of course, I maintained my cool and let him fuss himself out the door. I and other team members couldn’t believe what we were seeing, as this was coming from a man who’s been with the company almost 20 years, but I simply decided to pray for him and I’ll let the boss handle it on Monday. I won’t be there myself, as I’ll be going on vacation. The other thing I should mention about this week is due to the hurricane’s flooding, the concert I had been looking forward to was cancelled. I thought I would ride an amazing high into having a week off, but nature had other plans.

For my journey in faith this week, I learned more about the people in my Circle Up group, and submitted my name to volunteer for Deacon. I pray that I’m chosen, but The Father’s will be served before my own wishes. People open up to me about problems and I seem to give good advice, and lending my support has always felt in line with the mission. Also, Dan Chang has started a bible study in the Bible app, and it feels like a rather cerebral approach to understanding and contextualizing the approach to modern faith. Unfortunately, I don’t have any reflections from the sermon this week, as the majority of my effort was spent trying to stay awake. I’ll have to include it with next week’s journal.

I feel spectacular being able to lift myself up and changing what I concentrate on. I have a new handle on how to approach things. I need to stay engaged with the community that helped me gather this outlook on life.


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Enjoying the journey, missteps and all.

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