September 30, 2018

This week has been spectacular. As I signed out Monday morning, I knew I would be getting up when I wanted to, seeing my trainer in the afternoon, and not going anywhere near work for seven days. I loved every part of my trip to Savannah, and wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

The night we arrived, we took the dogs to the beach and it was fantastic to hear the tide, smell the salty air, and walk on wet sand again. Not long after there was a venue where a blues band was playing, which was great considering I missed my blues show the week previous due to the hurricane. The day after, we went to the aquarium, and I got to feed a horseshoe crab. I had no idea their mouths were at the center of their legs. We also walked the nearby nature trail and saw an incredible 300-year old Oak tree. We also visited the beach again that evening, and this time I just had so much fun letting myself get pushed by the waves.  After that was my birthday, and we packed in both a visit to the American Prohibition Museum and the play The Diary of Anne Frank. It was a spectacular day of history seen through two lenses.

The next day, we finally got to the beach during the daytime, and I played in the water for awhile before getting stung by a jellyfish. After a quick visit to the grocery store to pick up some vinegar, I felt fine and reflected that it was all part of a well-rounded experience. We then went for a Dolphin Tour, which had some interesting information, and caught another music act before settling in for the last night there and a long drive home.

Reflecting on my journey in faith, I completed the Bible Study plan Dan invited me to, and I’m looking forward to inviting him to one soon. In Bible Study, only Kevin and I were able to attend for Circle Up, so I’ll have to remember my other group members in prayer. I was also late in arriving, but it must’ve been the will of my Father because a young gentleman asked me if I knew where the youth were meeting. I was able to figure it out and delivered him to the Youth Minister, and said it was very interesting to be called upon as a shepherd.

In worship, we were joined by another church, which was a great opportunity to have a new perspective as Dr. McGowan gave his message. At some points it was challenging, because it reintroduced something that I interpreted as possibly transnational win-lose thinking, which was one of the things I had to correct. Perhaps it does have its place and applying positive win- win thinking all the time could lead to disappointment if not measured against reality. I’ll have to analyze future events through those lenses. In either case, it goes hand-in-hand with last week’s message that we must not only not lose focus, but also continue to invite others to follow Christ in their lives. I may have become a bit shy about discussing faith in my everyday life over the past months, but with it brought more into focus I know I can correct it.

In conclusion, I’ll be returning to work tomorrow and I’m making a concentrated effort to enjoy that notion. I do look forward to asking about the potential to team lead a third shift next year, and I’ll enjoy discussing my trip with my own team lead. All in all, it was a greatly rejuvenating experience, and so must be the return to the day’s labor for a day’s wages.


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