October 21, 2018

Compared to last week, this one has been nearly blissful. I felt very productive all week long. At my main job, we’re producing over the normal amount that I’ve been used to, and I got some equipment for an upcoming project. To quote The Simpsons, “Everything’s coming up Millhouse!”

The gym is paying off as well. I’ve lost eight pounds, and people are starting to notice. I thought I was a little less round when I saw myself in the mirror, and apparently I was correct. On top of that, I’ll be able to start a boxing class soon, so I’m tremendously excited. I was told it would take about three months to see the full transformation, but this is definitely fuel to see the new and improved me by January.

I was late for bible study today, but it was a brilliant concentration on effective communication, which has been something the YouTube videos I’ve been listening to lately have gone over. The biggest takeaway from it as a whole is that one must be actively listening, rather than just waiting for one’s turn to speak.

Today’s sermon was by and for the children, and Sherry made an interesting point how over the decades each generation loses something in societal and world advancement. At first, it seemed cynical, but I couldn’t deny the truth within it. Each of us got a card marking times we could volunteer, and I’m not sure if I could make any commitment of time but I’ll keep an open mind.

After service, I took the opportunity to help set up for the concert playing tonight. I was so glad I took the opportunity, because I met the gentleman who was baptized last week and told him how his story moved me. I really enjoyed working along my Christian brothers.

Looking forward to next week, I feel renewed. Things are definitely less of the same tired routine, and more about personal advancement. I just need to take continuous care to stay focused on the path.


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