November 11, 2018

Skip one week and I’m almost out of touch with how to do this. Well, this week I mostly concentrated on my perception, and I think I’m finally relaxing and appreciating all the good things happening simply as they are, rather than continuously striving for better. The only thing I don’t have is independence, but the low cost of living in my situation has opened many avenues. Once I saw how much I’ve paid on my car, I felt great and that I needed to just enjoy having this opportunity.

At work, we’re going well over what used to be the usual daily mark, and I feel fantastic about it. I have no doubt that we’ll be ready to make the new quota when the merger is complete. I’m still very hungry to make team lead, but for the time being I can simply take pride in our collective accomplishment.

Friday, I went to see Bob Dylan, and it was an incredible concert. He played a mostly blues-based set, and while he didn’t get on guitar, he did play piano and his harmonica. The evening was admittedly a little hampered by some drunk lady who kept coming on to me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I also had a great time at karaoke well into the night after the show let out.

Today in Bible Study we were going over some early chapters of the book of Peter. I’ll definitely have to read it for myself, but we had wonderful applications of the reading in our own lives of how struggle for good is rewarded, and that trials always pass. In worship today, we focused once more on the importance of giving, and thanking service personnel for Veteran’s day. Finally, a young woman joined the church who I had thought was already well part of us, and I told her “Welcome to the family that you’re already part of.” I told her that her part of her story focused on forgiveness had stuck with me for the many months since I heard it, and how I encouraged a friend to forgive as well.

Looking forward, I recognize I’ll be just fine if I keep doing things as I am. It may be difficult to deal with a few circumstances, and my desire to be on my own isn’t going anywhere, but the results are now speaking for themselves more loudly than they did previously. I need to be patient in receiving the rewards I’m working for.


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